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15 people who should have taken their…
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15 people who should have taken their hairdresser to court

January 03, 2021 • By Alison Forde

Going to get a haircut is an activity that many consider relaxing and necessary in order to improve their look. There are those who just want to be more presentable and those who, on the other hand, go to their trusted hairdresser or barber with high expectations. Many people are inspired by photos of the famous and try to ride a certain trend, showing the hairdresser the photo of the desired cut. Unfortunately, we don't always encounter serious professionals able to meet these requests 100% of the time and we end up with horrible haircuts, to say the least. The people on this photo list would probably have chosen to wear a hat for several days to cover up the disastrous haircut they received!

1. This boy's expectations have been betrayed forever by his barber

2. "I went to my hairdresser with this photo to have the same cut. This is the result"

image: Reddit

3. When you improvise your own salon ...

4. A girl who is horrified by the final result of this cut

5. "The line is a little wider than I expected ..."

image: Imgur

6. "Since we are talking about bad experiences at the hairdresser, here's mine: on the left the cut I wanted, on the right the one I received!"

7. Oops...

image: Pinterest

8. Not quite the hairstyle she expected for her wedding ...

9. How to go within an hour from "I would like the cut in the picture" to "I would like to speak to the owner!"


10. "What I asked for vs. what my hair looks like now"

11. Not quite the cut she hoped to get ...

12. This poor girl turned to "professionals" for fear of doing damage on her own ...

image: Imgur

13. "Hi, I'd like a layered cut ..."

14. No, not quite right...

image: Twitter / stacey_pierre21

15. "My friend would like to go to hairdressing school ... in the meantime, I'll let her experiment with my hair ..."

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