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21 people who decided to ask their hairdressers…
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21 people who decided to ask their hairdressers for rather strange haircuts

December 01, 2020 • By Alison Forde

There are two types of people: those who when they go to the hairdresser feel nervous just at the idea of having to shorten their hair by a few centimeters, and those who when they see their trusted hairstylist say "you choose, I trust you", or they might offer him some rather bizarre styles. Those belonging to the latter category are not so unusual and they have a lot of fun testing new cuts and colors on their crowning glory. Some of these haircuts are so bizarre that, to be honest, it is surprising how anyone would dare to wear them. Even the barbers and hairdressers must have had a lot of courage as well as a good deal of skill. Check out these 21 out of the ordinary cuts:

1. A kiwi: truly creative!

2. Such skill increating the perfect symmetry is indisputable ... but why do such a thing ??!


3. There is genius behind this haircut ... but we don't understand it!

image: Reddit / JQRH

4. A rather exuberant cut

5. Just no ... this cut should quite simply be banned!


6. It's definitely in line with her style ... but it's not exactly a cut that you see every day!

7. How to ruin everything...


8. Compliments for the creativity!

9. "My friend in high school..."


10. Not even Johnny Bravo has a quiff like that!

11. How to take advantage of all the places where hair grows ... badly

12. She chose a slightly extreme haircut, don't you think?

13. A crazy combination of dreads and pig tails...

14. Nike's sports wear is comfortable, it's true, but hasn't he gone a bit far?

15. A cut like this was not good even in his school days ...

16. It looks like a comic character or a 90s video game!

17. But how do you comb it every morning?

18. Simply unacceptable!

19. Why not just shave it all off?

20. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder ... but this is plain crazy!

21. Who knows what happens when she rests her head on a pillow ...

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