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17 people with such weird haircuts that…
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17 people with such weird haircuts that they have pushed the boundaries of good taste

November 01, 2020 • By Alison Forde

Coming out of your hairdresser's salon or barber's shop completely satisfied with your style is notoriously difficult. You are never 100% satisfied, because you are always trying to improve your appearance. A haircut is certainly a distinctive trait, which can play for or against your presentation, depending on the choices you make. There are those, however, who can't take their hair seriously and who make often exaggerated requests for extroverted styles: in this photo list we have collected some of the most horrendous hairstyles ever, which simply should never have existed!

1. What happened? Maybe the 90s are making a comeback

2. What can we say, he's an extrovert!


3. He had been striving for that monk look for a long time!

4. A really complicated cut, as well as a little extreme!

5. "What do you think, should I keep it like this?"


6. He wanted to capture the symmetry of beard and hairline ... thanks to this talented barber, the client now looks like a cartoon character!

7. This could be the secret to staying unemployed for life!


8. But where did he find a barber who agreed to do such a thing ?!

9. "I'm sure my grandmother made a blanket with a very similar pattern in the 70's ...."


10. She won't need a hat for the winter ...

11. He tattooed his hair on like a LEGO guy!

12. This is just so wrong ..

13. Let's hope it's just "a passing phase"!

14. We have a tennis fan here ...

15. No, that can't be real!

16. He seems like something out of a video game!

17. In its strangeness we think that it maintains a certain elegance ... sort of ...

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