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19 people who have revealed their incompetence…
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19 people who have revealed their incompetence in doing their job

By Alison Forde

The world is full of people who believe they are smart and do their job flawlessly. A belief that is often sadly belied by their own results. Unfortunately, making mistakes in one's job sometimes means ruining the lives of other people as well: an engineer or architect who designs a house badly, risks causing serious trouble! In everyday life, a poorly executed design means causing some problems for those who will have to use that product. With this in mind, the level of carelessness - or incompetence? - with which some people carry out their work, seems inexplicable.

1. When you get carried away, on the wave of fun ...

image: Reddit

2. Opening this will be a real challenge ...


3. Hey, that looks like an empty parking spot ... ah no!

4. When you install a kitchen faucet instead of a shower head ... here is the result!

5. Light was not a priority in this house perhaps ...

image: Imgur

6. A completely useless ramp...

7. The position of the toilet is very unusual ... who knows exactly what the designer had in mind?


8. Whoever chose this colored paper to separate slices of cheese did not realize the unpleasant "mold effect"!

9. "This is the office bathroom door. It's transparent. No, it's not one of those expensive doors, where the glass becomes opaque when closed."


10. What is this room? A luxurious bathroom? A kitchen? ... is that a fireplace ?!

11. "I think I'll put my stair ... mm .... HERE!"

12. The zigzag pattern of this path: absolutely unnecessary ...

13. "Someone put the brand logo on the bottom of the lens ... I always think my glasses are dirty!"

14. The "Line up 4!" game box: someone has already won and three pieces are literally suspended in the air!

15. "Invisible" stairs. Just right to fall and break your leg!

16. Understanding what this jacket is made of is not easy ...

17. This school was built about 1 month ago ... maybe they didn't take into consideration that it was NOT a daycare facility

18. It could be stressful trying to have a conversation with everyone at the table ...

19. "My girlfriend has a pair of gloves where all the fingers are the same length!"

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