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A boy bullies his friends on a school…
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A boy bullies his friends on a school bus: his father punishes him by making him walk in the pouring rain

By Alison Forde

When a child behaves badly towards their peers and acts like a real bully, a parent absolutely has to do something. But sometimes with good advice, and then with harsh words, at times the advice of mom and dad just has no effect. Bryan Thornhill, an American dad who has had to use a harsh lesson to teach to deal with his son's bad behavior and persistent acting bullying towards his schoolmates, knows very well ...

Bryan learned from the school teachers that his 10-year-old son was bullying his classmates on the school bus; for this reason he decided to give his son a lesson to make the child understand that he was wrong and that he should change his attitude. So, Bryan made a live video on his Facebook profile where he showed the punishment he had devised: he forced his son to walk almost 9 kilometers, without using the school bus, in the pouring rain.

The video, which was then widely shared, but also criticized on the web, had this caption: "Hello everyone, welcome to "You'd better listen to your father 2018." My son had caused so many problems that he was thrown off the bus for three days because he was a little bully, and I can't tolerate that, I can't stand. Therefore, now he has to go to school on foot, we are about a kilometer from the school, so all week he will be walking."


Apparently, the punishment worked, as the man now claims that his son's attitude changed a lot in the following days; the teachers at school saw him "much improved" in his behavior towards them and his classmates. A hard but exemplary lesson from this father, which many parents however did not particularly appreciate: there are in fact those who disagreed with Bryan's decision, considered by many people to be too harsh on a 10-year-old child.

And you, what do you think of the punishment decided on by this intransigent dad?


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