He destroys his classmate's coat: his…
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He destroys his classmate's coat: his mother forces him to give away the one he received for Christmas

December 17, 2020 • By Alison Forde

Teaching good manners and educating our children in empathy from an early age is essential if you want to raise an honest individual who is able to respect others. Every parent is torn about what is the best "method" to use when it comes to their children: are punishments acceptable or is a discussion on the subject preferable? There are actually many more questions, but the truth is that there is no single method. The middle way, usually, is the most effective. A mother from Leeds (UK), Melissa Wade, had to take action to discipline her 10-year-old son, Finley, who exhibited immature bullying behavior when he voluntarily destroyed a friend's coat.

via: Leeds-live

Finley took a pair of scissors and cut off the sleeves of a classmate's coat, destroying it completely. When Mom found out about what had happened, she went on the rampage; despite being the mother of 6 children, it was the first time she had had to deal with bullying: "I am disgusted by what my son has done and I am very disappointed in his actions" commented the woman, who wanted to remain in anonymous. The school warned the woman that it had taken action regarding similar bullying, but, as a mother, she did not want to give up this opportunity to teach her son a life lesson. Mom's exemplary punishment was as simple as it was effective: gifting the brand new, latest fashion coat, which was meant for her son as a Christmas present, to the child who was the victim of the bullying.

image: Wikimedia

Other parents also agreed with the action taken by this young mother. The child, initially, did not know what his mother's intentions were, but he was aware of it when at the end of the day he had to give his new coat to the classmate who was the victim of his bullying. As many readers have suggested, the mother's behavior in this situation was exemplary and completely the opposite of all those mothers who claim that "their baby would never hurt anyone".

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