A woman passes by a nativity scene and…
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A woman passes by a nativity scene and notices a poor cold little dog sleeping in the manger

December 17, 2020 • By Alison Forde

As Christmas approaches, many cities are lit up with the most beautiful lights and the most imaginative decorations; for those who are particularly religious, the setting up of spectacular nativity scenes outside and inside their homes is always an important part; something that is also true in Brazil, where a curious four-legged guest seems to have slipped into a nativity scene set up in a large town square and aroused the curiosity of a passer-by ...

via: The Dodo

Nadia Rosangella, a woman who lives in Brazil, was walking through the city streets when she noticed an uninvited guest at the religious nativity scene set up in the street; in the manger, in place of the Child Jesus, there was a very sweet little dog who had curled up and was sleeping peacefully. It was probably the only place where he could find refuge from the night cold ...

Nadia couldn't believe her eyes. She was both surprised and delighted by that unprecedented Christmas scene, so the girl decided to find out if the dog had been abandoned or was it a stray who didn't know where to sleep at night. Not being able to take him home with her, Nadia went further, however: she took these moving photographs and shared them with friends and acquaintances in her community.


In the end, with the spread of the sweet pictures and the news, the cols and lonely dog which had taken possession of the Brazilian crib was adopted by an affectionate and loving human family; and Nadia is really delighted about this happy ending. "I feel happy and at peace knowing that the dog is safe. I love animals very much and I wish they could all have safe and loving homes."

 Best wishes for your new life, dear, sweet little dog ... merry Christmas!

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