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A young teacher was about to give up…
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A young teacher was about to give up her career when faced with the case of a difficult boy: then she adopted him

By Alison Forde

When someone voluntarily chooses the path of teaching, they obviously have a special propensity towards this very important and difficult job. Teaching children or young students is certainly not easy: in addition to instilling their culture, you also have a moral responsibility to teach them a certain type of behavior and certain values. What to do, however, in the face of the most difficult cases? Chelsea Haley, a young 24-year-old teacher, was about to drop out of the profession when she met Jerome Robinson, a 12-year-old with behavioral problems, about whom all the other teachers kept complaining. She believed that the boy was too difficult to handle and that she had failed in her mission as a teacher, but then something unique happened: she adopted that problem boy! (and his little brother too!)

via: CNN

Jerome Robinson didn't care about school or his grades, nor about all the suspensions he had received due to his disorderly and rude behavior. Chelsea seemed the only one the boy could talk to, so much so that the other teachers often sent him to Chelsea, rather than dealing with the boy directly. Although the 12-year-old and the young teacher had actually formed a good bond, the young woman felt a little frustrated with Jerome's school progress and behavior. This frustration arose after only 2 years of her teaching career: "Will I be able to be a good teacher?", Chelsea probably thought. The thought of giving it all up crossed her mind more than once, but in the end something changed.

At the time, Jerome was living with his grandparents, his mother and a 1 year old brother. Chelsea discovered after a while the difficult family situation Jerome was living in and the pain he was being exposed to. His family was extremely poor and in the same year, Jerome's mother had suffered the loss of her husband and her youngest daughter. A difficult situation, from which it seemed even more difficult to recover. One night Chelsea dreamed of adopting Jerome - a rather strange dream and, as much as she did not mind the idea of becoming his mother, she thought it was an absurd idea. A few days later, however, Jerome asked her explicitly if he could move in with her. Chelsea couldn't believe her ears and told him that she too had had the same feeling. 


Jerome's mom agreed to adopt, on the condition that Chelsea would also take care of Jace, his 1 and a half year old brother. The young woman did not hold back and welcomed both of them into her home, just as if they were her own children. Today they live happily in Georgia, all together, and Jerome's difficult behavior is only a distant memory. He always gets good grades, plays sports and one day will go to college! 


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