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"There are days when we don't earn anything":…
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"There are days when we don't earn anything": a poor girl asks Santa to bring her just bread and milk

December 10, 2020 • By Alison Forde

All the children in the world are anxiously awaiting the arrival of December to be able to celebrate Christmas with their families and to be able to look forward to the arrival of Santa Claus, loaded with gifts and toys. But not all children ask the same thing of Santa Claus, not everyone wants the latest toy, or the newest cell phone. Like this poor girl named Emanuelle Cristina da Cunha Cardoso, who wrote a moving letter to Santa Claus ..

The 8-year-old girl lives in Anàpolis in Brazil, and takes care of her two siblings together with her mother Sarah Cristina, a 30-year-old hairdresser who had to give up her job to stay at home with her children because no one could take care of them. The economic situation in Emanuelle's family is so sad that often even just a carton of milk or a little coffee for breakfast can become a luxury item.

For this Emanuelle, who only wants to help her family, wrote this sweet letter to Santa Claus: "Santa Claus, I want a carton of milk for my little brother and also lots of bread and some coffee, there are days in we can't have these things because there is nothing [...] If my brother doesn't have milk, he cries. And when we earn some money, if it's not enough, we leave it for him."

The desperate mother said: "We have rice, beans and pasta because generous people give it to us. This is all we eat, I don't remember the last time we ate meat."

Will Santa Claus listen to the heartfelt words of little Emanuelle, who for these holidays just wants to see her younger brother smile and make sure that there is no longer a lack of food on the table?


Dear Santa, wherever you are, grant this simple wish for this poor family in search of smiles, bread to eat and milk to drink!


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