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15 people who don't seem to know the…
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15 people who don't seem to know the difference between fashionable and ugly

November 23, 2020 • By Alison Forde

Sometimes fashion is just a point of view. We have to say that not everyone in this world has the same taste, the same way of dressing, the same sensitivity for beauty. Obviously, the concept of beauty is really subjective and tastes vay widely. So widely that these people who have been immortalized on the internet have just failed to realize that what they are wearing in public ... is in bad taste!

Better to say nothing ...

image: fln111/Reddit

A ring ... with a tooth!


But who would ever wear such a thing?

When you go to IKEA but you don't have anything to wear ...

Who would dare to wear these boots? He would!


Try wearing a cosy knitted suit like this!

A knitted look to avoid strenuously!


A Superman fan ... in pink!

An alternative anti-covid mask!


We haven't seen this worn by anyone yet ... thankfully!

A fashionable shoe or a simply hideous slipper?

A ponytail to avoid revealing in public!

Did some brave woman buy it?

A very convenient bag in the shape of a giant grasshopper ... yuck!

My mother just came home with this hen-shaped bag: inside there were three eggs!


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