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A kitten who won't stop thanking the…
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A kitten who won't stop thanking the girl who rescued him from a shelter just before he was put to sleep

November 24, 2020 • By Alison Forde

Dogs and cats seem to understand languages and situations much better than we imagine at times, and often it seems to be only the lack of language that differentiates them from us. When Adelle, a volunteer from Newcastle's Cat Rescue association, intervened to save the life of a kitten that would otherwise have been killed, the animal "thanked" her energetically with lots of cuddles. The kitten was delighted to leave the shelter and get into the car with his rescuer. The short video of the scene proves it without a doubt!

A sweet little kitten destined to be put down, has refound the joy in life and the opportunity to live on, thanks to the timely intervention of a volunteer from Cat Rescue Newcastle. The cat had a few hours left to live, which is why the rescue was done in a very short time. Adelle, his rescuer, allowed him to go free in her car for a while, because she knew the kitten had had a stressful morning and, moreover, she had heard him meowing nonstop when he was in his cage.

Thankfully the kitten is fine - by the way, his name is Henry! - and it didn't take him long to find a family who loved him and to whom he could give his affection.

Henry was such a lucky kitten! Watch the video where he seems to be unable to stop thanking Adelle, after being saved.

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