Two 20-year-old twins pay off their…
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Two 20-year-old twins pay off their parents' mortgage with the money they earn making video games

November 22, 2020 • By Alison Forde

Who said you can't make mountains of money from video games? Perhaps, faced on reading this article, some skeptical adults may change their minds about the nature of these interactive games. Two twins, just 20 years old, have literally hit the market with their game idea, developed on the Roblox platform. The two little geniuses, Ben and Matthew Horton, were only 13 years old when they made their first online video game, initially free and with the profits being made from selling premium features. Since that day, several years have passed and the twins have developed so much in the designing and monetising of video games that they have managed to earn enough to pay off their parents mortgage.

via: Mirror

Ben and Matthew Horton dropped out of school at 16, not because they were bored at school, but because they already had something bigger in mind and knew their project would have a sequel. At 13 they had made their first online video game, completely free; shortly after, they implemented it with some features that required a contribution of 5 pounds and started earning their first pennies. Months later Matthew made an adventure film called The Last Guest, baed on which which his brother Ben developed the successful video game Guest World which, in its first year of life alone, earned the boys £67,000, or almost $90,000! The two have certainly not stopped and have at least another twenty video games to their credit.

Their earnings have amazed their parents, especially their father, who, after seeing the first profit of £600, believed that his children were engaged in some kind of illegal activity. Instead, the twins had simply found a way to make a success from what they loved most. Thanks to their high earnings, the two have decided to "thank" their parents, by paying off the rest of the mortgage for the house in which they live. We will certainly be hearing more about them in future!


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