A recent graduate shares photos of the…
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A recent graduate shares photos of the floor he slept and studied on: he never gave up

April 10, 2021 • By Alison Forde

Studying to reach a goal - be it a diploma, a degree or for personal satisfaction - is never easy: it requires commitment, determination and effort. But imagine how difficult it must be to do it when you are living in difficult conditions. Maake Shadrack, after realizing his big dream and graduating, shared a photo on social media that aroused great admiration.

The boy says that it is not enough to pray, you have to work hard and commit yourself. Only in this way is it possible to achieve one's goals: in the end, the effort will always pay off. It is precisely the people who persevere and work hard that are successful in life. Of course, effort is not everything: you also need to create opportunities for yourself and know how to seize them, especially when they are offered by the people around you. Their help and support is vital.

Maake is a boy of South American origins and, despite having lived through his university years in conditions of poverty, he never lost sight of his dream: to become a successful professional and to have a job that could allow him to provide financially for his family. Having lived in difficult conditions was a formative experience for Maake, ensuring that he wanted a different future for him and for his loved ones. When Maake entered university, he had to make do with the floor in a humble room: he couldn't afford anything else. In one photo we see a blanket, a pillow, some pots, cups, some food, power sockets and notes. 


He attended classes and then studied and slept in that makeshift bed, and he did it for two years. He gritted his teeth and this experience taught him to never give up, not to be discouraged by his present conditions but to remember his dreams. Maake's hard work and sacrifices paid off: he graduated and shared his joy on social networks. A sincere and excited smile, a gown and the awareness of having made it. Maake has become an example of determination and an inspiration for all people who aspire to a better future. What would you be willing to do to reach the top?


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