She decides not to wear too much makeup to meet her boyfriend's parents: he goes on a rampage -
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She decides not to wear too much makeup…
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She decides not to wear too much makeup to meet her boyfriend's parents: he goes on a rampage

April 14, 2021 • By Alison Forde

Although makeup is a prerogative almost completely relegated to the female world, many have grown up with the idea that if an adult woman of any age does not frequently apply makeup to her face to look more attractive and charming, she is less feminine than others. A mistaken belief, which is leading many women around the world to regain possession of their skin by choosing to follow their own path by not putting makeup on their faces, partly because they don't want to respect externally imposed beauty standards at all costs, and partly because some of these people are allergic to certain types of cosmetic products ...

An anonymous woman wanted to tell about her unpleasant experience with her boyfriend on Reddit when she was meeting his parents for the first time; her partner had asked her to make an effort by putting some makeup on her face, but she refused, explaining that many cosmetic products were unsuitable for her as she was very allergic:

"My skin is very sensitive, I'm allergic to quite a few ingredients in most female makeup and when I use it, I can only use brands like Clinique, which is far from cheap, and I'm a college student who doesn't have much money to spend on such expensive makeup. Anyway, today was the day I met my boyfriend's parents, we've been dating for about 8 months now. My boyfriend asked me this morning to make an effort and put on makeup to look good for his parents ...


The girl then continued her story with these words: "I explained to him that I could put on some eyeliner and mascara, but that my skin is much more sensitive than the average person and that I would prefer to stay away from foundation and  face powder. . [...] However, I remained firm on my beliefs and did not apply any other makeup to my face (eyes only) and since we would be late if we didn't leave home as soon as possible, he let it be and we headed to his parents' house, but the journey was really embarrassing ..."

As the girl says, in the end his parents didn't even notice the fact that she only made up her eyes with a touch of eyeliner, it was her boyfriend who for some reason was obsessed with introducing his partner to mom and dad properly. Was it performance anxiety? Who knows, the fact is that many users on Reddit have definitely lashed out at the young man and sided with the woman ....


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