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A young mother is fired after only 10…
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A young mother is fired after only 10 days, the boss says: "She hid her pregnancy"

April 08, 2021 • By Alison Forde

There are questions that should be banned during a job interview, as they are within the personal sphere of the candidate, but which some employers still persist in continuing to ask. Women are among those most affected by this practice: asking if you want to have children or if you are engaged should not fall within the circle of skills provided by a future employee. A pregnant woman, however, is seen by some employers as "a problem" and, consequently, easily replaceable. Jennifer Rodriguez is a young mother who, at the time of her hiring at the Bendinelli law firm, was 21 years old. Her career in this studio, however, lasted very little time: after 10 days her boss fired her because she "had hidden her pregnancy".

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To be clear, the young woman was in her eighth month the day she had her first interview with the company and, even if she wanted to, she could never have hidden her baby bump. Being prepared and eager to get the job, Jennifer's second interview was also a success. The young woman was then hired at the Bendinelli law firm, in Denver (USA). Ten days after hiring her, however, the young woman was suddenly fired. The reasons that justified her dismissal left her totally speechless: when she went to ask for an explanation, her boss accused her of hiding her pregnancy during the interview.

In addition to suddenly being out of work, with a baby on the way, Jennifer was also judged for no apparent reason by her new co-workers, who asked her if she intended to keep the baby or if she would give it up for adoption instead. With what right can the employees of a company or the boss himself ask these kinds of questions? In addition, the colleagues continued to ask her questions regarding her pregnancy: "If you have complications in the latter part of the pregnancy, or during delivery, would you still want to keep the baby?".


The woman was furious at this unfair treatment and wanted to make her story public, also to support other mothers who find themselves in similar situations.

Does this employer's behavior seem acceptable to you? Tell us your opinion about it.

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