She is dumped by her partner because she is "too fat": this woman managed to lose more than 60 kg in three years

Alison Forde

April 10, 2021

She is dumped by her partner because she is

One thing that we should all learn to do, and contemporary society certainly does not help us at all in this, is to avoid making hasty judgments about people's appearance; especially when we talk about the physical appearance and weight of the people in our lives. It's too easy to make fun of people who are perhaps overweight not knowing that in their private life they suffer emotionally due to this problem and would like to change and improve their health, even if it is not as easy as it seems. Looking beyond appearances is a fundamental exercise in living with empathy and kindness.

via Daily Mail UK


This is the story of Josie, an American woman who lives in Los Angeles and has just turned 29; this woman had always been overweight, throughout her childhood and her adolescence, eventually reaching the weight of nearly 300 pounds. Three years before her, on the occasion of a New Year's Eve party, Josie was "dumped" by her boyfriend because, according to the boy, she had become too fat.

An alarm bell that certainly didn't put the girl down, but that spurred her to try to improve her outward appearance: "Something in me said 'forget it' and this was definitely my turning point!"


Josie said that throughout her childhood and adolescence she always lived with her heavy weight, but never really wanted to change: "I've always been overweight. I've always been the fat girl at school. I've always been the fat girl, fat friend. I've never been invited to a prom. I didn't exist for guys ..."

What Josie did was go to the nearest gym, sign up and rely on the care of a personal trainer who supervised her with both the right physical exercise plan and an adequate diet.


Three years later, Josie has managed to completely change, both inside and out, and to feel much more comfortable with her body: now, she has eliminated more than 63 kilograms from her body and is a new woman, ready to face every challenge that life may put her in front of her with greater enthusiasm and determination: "I was the girl my ex didn't want ... so I became the girl he can never have!"

Now, Josie has opened an Instagram channel where she testifies and documents her journey from an overweight woman to a 29-year-old lover of health, clean eating and fitness, and who is having a lot of success on the web; there are many followers who do nothing but compliment her for achieving her goals. For everyone who follows her, the American woman has these words: "My journey to losing weight started as revenge to get back at my ex, but along the way I realized that it wasn't about him. It was about me."

Josie's is an admirable journey of personal growth that can only be applauded. We're sure now that her ex-boyfriend is regretting his actions in dumoing her like that three years ago.

Well done, Josie!