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"I need a job": a desperate young man…
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"I need a job": a desperate young man displays a sign at a traffic light

March 27, 2021 • By Alison Forde

These are hard times, very hard for young people who are approaching the world of work; the global economic crisis has enclosed the competitive universe of work in a bubble from which it will be very difficult to find an exit in a short time. This is why young people belonging to the new generation find it increasingly difficult to realize their dreams, and for this they are forced to emigrate abroad or to send hundreds of CVs waiting for the chance of a door to open ...

This is the moving story of Mikael Silva, an 18-year-old guy who lives in Brazil, in the Pernambuco region, and who still hasn't been able to find a steady job or even a part-time or poorly paid job, despite having over the years sent many resumes. Since 2018, after graduating from high school, Mikael has tried every road, but to no avail.

For this reason he made a decision that would lead him to try one last path: a rather creative and original path that catapulted him into the world of social media, where his image and his story jumped from one user to the next ...

Mikael declared: "I understand that many people have been touched by my courage. But I didn't think it would have such an impact!" What this guy did was to write on a large white billboard his two telephone numbers through which any interested people could call to arrange an interview, accompanied by a moving sentence: I need a job, I don't know what else to do.

Initially, the Brazilian boy positioned himself in the middle of a busy street in the city of Nassau, then at a crossroads with a traffic light where many cars could have to stop and read his sign displayed in the desperate need for help ...


In the end, the owner of a nearby pizzeria was very impressed by the Mikael's sign, and so he decided to contact him on one of the two telephone numbers that Mikael had written; a job interview followed, and now the 18-year-old Brazilian boy has been hired as a waiter!

As Mikael has already stated, he is now busy helping his mother with the household expenses and dreams of living and finding a good job abroad, but for now he is more than excited to know that he will have a job that will allow him to save some money and finally reach his goals!


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