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15 cats who dozed off in the most unthinkable…
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15 cats who dozed off in the most unthinkable places and positions

November 15, 2020 • By Alison Forde

We have known for some time that our feline friends are four-legged animals full of surprises. But not only do they manage to be truly surprising, sometimes they assume positions, attitudes and expressions which are bordering on the hilarious. For this reason many of their loving human owners have decided to take out their smartphones and take some funny pictures of their pet cats. Look at the strange places and positions they have ended up in!

Look where it's perched!

I was about to take out the garbage!


There you are!

He may not have used those weights, but this cat looks tired all the same!

I looked for the cat all over the house and found him curled up in the bathroom sink!


Now, how are you going to heat your milk, human?

This cat appreciates fine jewelry!

image: umutk/Reddit

Look how this cat fell asleep ... and just doesn't want to wake up!

He really doesn't want to sleep on his own bed!


My cat loves my soft underwear!

A classic, cats love to feel the warmth from the PC!

image: Imgur

Despite having a cat bed, she keeps sleeping in this bag!

She prefers my purse to her bed ... ok.

The only place where he feels comfortable and falls asleep.

He prefers to sleep on the hard bricks of the fireplace!

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