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A child asks his mother to buy him a…
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A child asks his mother to buy him a doll to look after because "he wants to be a great dad"

By Alison Forde

And who said that a doll can't also be a toy intended for the development of boys? Once upon a time the distinctions made between what was deemed suitable play for boys and girls was much more rigid, but now fortunately these types of prejudice without any scientific basis are decaying, and therefore it is no longer scandalous to see a little boy play and take care of a doll ...

via: 20 Minutos

For this reason, mother Rocio Natalia wanted to share on Facebook her experience with gender prejudices in childhood; her son in fact, despite his tender age, urged his mother to buy him a doll because he wanted to prepare to be a great father in the future. Here are Rocìo's words on Facebook against gender stereotyping of play: "I'm telling you that my son, who plays with his sister EVERY day, asked me to buy him a doll because his sister doesn't lend him hers and "he wants to be a great dad like his dad.” So that's it, today I bought him his doll. And it was the most adorable thing in the world. Not only is he super happy, but he's been taking care of her all afternoon. He feeds her, he hugs her, kisses her and says beautiful things to her.

What does it all mean? I don't know about you, but by teaching my son to cooperate at home and allowing him to be a good father, I'm making sure I leave an excellent man in this world. This is how we will change this society, dear readers. Let's not create alpha males anymore. Eliminate sexism and nip patriarchy in the bud.

Les cuento que mi hijo, quien juega con su hermana TODOS los días, me pidió que le comprara una muñeca porque su hermana...

Pubblicato da Rocío Natalia su Lunedì 12 ottobre 2020

The mother then continued with these important words: "Playing with dolls, doing some cooking and doing housework will not make you less of a man, but a better person, son, brother and husband; if you have children, you should learn to respect their inclinations. It is their life."


Ultimately, this story reminds us that toys are just toys, and just as girls sometimes like toy cars and the color blue, boys may like dolls and the color pink. There are no gender stereotypes, and this cute little boy who is already "preparing" to become a great dad by practicing with his doll is overwhelming proof!


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