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A dog travels 60 miles to return to…
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A dog travels 60 miles to return to his humans who had temporarily entrusted him to a friend

November 11, 2020 • By Alison Forde

What wouldn't a faithful dog do for his owner? To get back to him, he would cross hundreds of miles without stopping, something that perhaps a human being wouldn't do. This incredible story had as its star a sweet one-year-old Golden Retriever named Ping An, who traveled about 60 miles in two weeks to return to his favorite humans. And to everyone's amazement, he managed it!

Here is a little background: the human family living in the city of Qidong, in eastern China, had asked a friend to take care of their dog while they were renovating their home in June; the owners decided to temporarily leave the sweet Golden Retriever in the hands of a friend of theirs in Nantog.

Four months later, however, terrible news arrived: the dog had escaped and was no longer to be found!


But then, almost miraculously, Ping An was found in the city of Qidong by some workers outside an office; according to their testimony, the Golden Retriever had injured paws, which were bleeding. The dog had wandered for 14 days on the roads of eastern China and had walked almost 60 miles, the distance between the cities of Qindong and Nantog.

When Ping An's human family saw the images posted on social media by the men who had rescued the dog, they recognized their Golden Retriever immediately. They rushed to the office where their four-legged friend was and they immediately took him home!


Now Ping An's family has declared that they will never leave their favorite Golden Retriever again: after all the miles he has traveled to get back to them, it seems the least they can do!

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