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A gardener becomes best friend to a…
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A gardener becomes best friend to a lone swan: he feeds and cares for him every day

By Alison Forde

Most people tend to form a close and loving emotional bond with their pet; whether it is a dog, a cat or even a fish or a bird, it is impossible not to become attached to our animal companions. But what would you think if we told you that there is a man who has formed a beautiful friendship with a beautiful white swan for the past year? This fairytale-like story happened in Madrid, Spain.

via: ABC

Raul Pirù is the gardener at the royal monastery of San Lorenzo in the Escorial of Madrid, and has been taking care of the marvellous collection of flora in the immense garden of this extraordinary complex for at least a year. it is precisely in this unique and unusual location that Raul found a tender and unexpected friendship with a swan.

The images of this friendship were taken by Raul's wife, Cala, who on her official Instagram profile posted photographs of the bond that was formed between her gardener husband and this splendid specimen of wild bird.


Raul managed to make friends with the swan precisely because the animal was solitary and did not have a female specimen to pair bond with. For this reason, over the course of a whole year, the gardener took care of the swan, fed it, never abandoning it, just as if it were a true friend. And even if the management of the monumental garden soon plan to provide the male swan with a mate, it will be really hard to split such a friendship.


Raul says that it took three things to get into the graces of this beautiful white swan: "Many mornings, a lot of patience, a lot of affection and this is the result!"

And if the end result is a touching friendship between man and wild animal, so be it! 


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