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A father goes to collect his daughter…
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A father goes to collect his daughter from kindergarten but takes the wrong child: "I didn't notice any difference"

By Alison Forde

It's not often that someone could be so lost in thought or distracted enough so as to confuse their child with another child, yet there are those who have "succeeded". Unfortunately, this is the misunderstanding that happened to this somewhat forgetful, somewhat inattentive father, who by sheer accident took a little girl from kindergarten who wasn't his own daughter, yet according to him, he was completely convinced that it was her. This is how this ridiculous story unfolded.

This absurd story happened in the town of Calella in Spain, when a distracted father went to kindergarten to pick up his daughter; it's a shame that he took the wrong child with him, not realizing the mistake in the least. In his own words "he hadn't noticed any difference". The mistake, however, was not solely that of the father: that day the regular teacher was on sick leave and there was a substitute teacher who knew little about the children and their parents faces.

The case was also complicated by the fact that the two girls in this curious muddle were both called Amelia. For this reason the substitute teacher allowed the wrong daughter to be "handed over" to the wrong father, who brought the bewildered girl home, without noticing anything for hours ...

The man didn't realize his mistake until police officers knocked on his door, after checking the kindergarten's security cameras and confirming that he was the one who picked up the wrong Amelia. Soon after, the man apologized to the girl's family, assuring them that the girl was ... safe and sound!

Although the father has not suffered legal consequences, it seems that the authorities are already launching an investigation into how it was possible that the school staff could have lgiven the wrong child to the wrong father without making sure ...


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