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15 women who transformed into completely…
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15 women who transformed into completely different people with the magic of makeup

November 03, 2020 • By Alison Forde

If there is anything at all like magic in our gray reality, then it's surely linked to the secrets of women's makeup and wigs. A good beautician or hairdresser can completely transform people from ugly ducklings to fairytale princes and princesses, or make them totally unrecognizable. Stefan Subotic is a professional in the field, a Serbian make-up artist who over time has managed to develop a female clientele of all ages.

For Stefan, no customer is too great a challenge ...

Whether it's a woman of a certain age or a girl looking for a completely different look, Stefan knows how to conquer them all!


He is truly a professional in his work,

and so it's no coincidence that his clientele has grown day by day!

His best works are all available on his official Instagram profile


See how his work completely transforms a person:

Any imperfection or blemish on the skin literally disappears under Stefan's makeup.


And this talented professional's work is really magical!

 You can continue to admire Stefan's amazing work on these women's faces below:


 These women look totally different!


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