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A woman becomes pregnant with quads…
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A woman becomes pregnant with quads shortly after adopting four siblings

October 28, 2020 • By Alison Forde

Maxine and Jake have always wanted lots of children. Ever since they decided to get married they have always done everything to happily enlarge their family. After the wedding, the couple from Reading, Pennsylvania had a biological son named Henry, who was followed by four other siblings, all adopted in December 2019: Aiden, Parker, Connor and Elliott. After this extraordinary adoption, however, Maxine and Jake didn't anticipate what was about to happen to them ...

via: The Sun UK

The couple tried to have another biological child after Henry's was born, but a shock was in store for Maxine and Jake: a few weeks after adopting four children, the woman discovered she was pregnant ... with quadruplets! A very rare case that led the American family to welcoming 9 children into their home!

A truly arduous task for Maxine and Jake, who however accepted the challenge with courage and a lot of enthusiasm; on the other hand, they had always wanted a very large family!

When Henry, their biological son, was just born, the couple were already providing foster care for the four children who would soon be a permanent part of their lives. The main goal of fostering is to return the children to their biological parents after time spent in another family, but when it became clear they weren't going back to their birth parents, Maxine and Jake asked Aiden, Parker, Connor and Elliott if they wanted to stay with them forever. The answer was obviously yes.

Now, however, fate has knocked again on the door of the Young family, giving them four more babies, a truly unexpected multiple birth!


At first Maxine was really worried, but then things turned out for the best: "It's actually a lot easier than I thought it would be. There were times when I was really paranoid and worried, like 'Can we do this?'"

And yes, they could, despite the "crowded" situation at home!


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