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He raises $50,000 for the guy who works…
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He raises $50,000 for the guy who works at McDonald's who paid for his family's dinner

October 29, 2020 • By Alison Forde

When you are in dire financial straits or you have simply left your wallet at home and are trying to pay a bill, you can sink into a strong sense of unease that only those who have lived through this embarrasing experience can understand. For Brittany Reed, going to McDonald's with her kids and finding out in front of the cashier that she had left her wallet with all her cash at home was truly humiliating. The woman felt mortified but, fortunately, a young employee who was on duty at the cash desk told her not to worry and that he would pay himself for those happy meals. A true guardian angel, in a way, whose noble gesture was later rewarded by Brittany, who organized a generous fundraiser for him.

Brittany had accompanied her son to soccer practice that evening and they had gone to McDonald's with the rest of her family. In truth, it was the 7-year-old daughter who insisted and threw a tantrum, after hearing that there would be potatoes for dinner at home. Brittany paused for a moment, amid her children's screams, and thought, "You know what? Let's go to McDonald's!" The poor, stressed-out mom, however, hadn't realized that she had left her wallet at home. Once she approached the drive-in, when it was time to pay, the woman couldn't find her wallet and tearfully turned to Wyatt Jones, the guy who was on duty that evening at the cash register: "I guess I have to cancel the order I just made. I left my wallet at home." At that point, the guy took out his credit card and paid Brittany's bill before she could say anything else. 

Brittany promised that she would be back right away to pay for the order herself, but the guy told her not to worry. The woman wanted to publicly thank the young man with a post on Facebook, letting his parents know how kind and noble their son had been with that simple gesture. Brittany later returned to the drive-in offering Wyatt some extra cash, which the young man declined. When the woman later discovered that Wyatt was saving up to buy a car, she wanted to repay his kind gesture with an equally kind one: she organized a fundraiser that exceeded all expectations, reaching a total sum of almost $50,000! The initiative is called "be like Wyatt", just to symbolize the fact that the world definitely needs good and honest people like him.

Regardless of what happens, life is hard for everyone and it's often the little gestures that can make a difference. Let's be kinder to others!

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