This dalmatian gave birth to 18 puppies: the pictures remind us of "101 dalmations" -
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This dalmatian gave birth to 18 puppies:…
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This dalmatian gave birth to 18 puppies: the pictures remind us of "101 dalmations"

October 20, 2020 • By Alison Forde

There are creatures able to amaze us when we least expect it, revealing abilities and surprises that are certainly not for everyone. Think of the dogs that give birth to entire litters of little ones: they are real super-mothers, capable of giving birth and looking after a number of offspring that would make any expectant mother pale.

This is the case of Nellie, the 3-year-old Dalmatian heroine of our story. Against all odds, this dog was the mother of a truly record birth, and the photos that portray her together with her wonderful babies cannot fail to recall those of the famous fictional story "The 101 Dalmatians".

The veterinarians who had seen Nellie predicted that she would only have 3 puppies. But when the dog began giving birth, her human friends found themselves faced with a completely different reality. It was immediately clear, in fact, that the Dalmatian would give birth to many more dogs than expected.

Louise, her owner, has had Dalmatian dogs with her for 30 years, but in all this time she has never seen anything like it. 14 hours and 18 puppies: this is the record that Nellie had set by the end of her very long delivery. That's right: the dog carried 10 boys and 8 girls within her, and seemed to be completely calm and aware of what was happening. So much so that at one point she even thought it best to take a break, interrupting the birth to take a nap!


According to what Louise said, the puppies "kept coming out" one after the other, and Nellie just didn't seem to want to know about giving birth to so many other little animals. After the fifteenth, the woman thought they were finished, also because her dog went to sleep, but it wasn't over. "It was fantastic," said the owner, proud and happy after the wonderful experience. 

After having equipped herself properly to manage all these dogs, the woman is ready to accompany her four-legged super-mom along the path of raising her little ones. Who knows if Nellie realizes the wonderful gift she gave to her and her loved ones. Certainly it's a beautiful story, and all that remains is to wish her all the best!

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