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His wife falls ill with cancer, he cheats…
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His wife falls ill with cancer, he cheats on her and refuses to help her: "I have my needs too"

October 17, 2020 • By Alison Forde

When you are in a relationship that has lasted a long time, it is not uncommon to see your partner as a real lifeline, a person to rely on in the good times but also - and above all - in the bad times. If we think, however, that this can always be taken for granted, unfortunately we are very wrong.

Stories of selfish attitudes and uncaring behavior in couple's relationships are common, and the one we are about to tell you is truly incredible. The protagonists are a married man and woman, struck by a painful experience, throughout which however the man acted only to put his needs before the needs of his wife.

via: Reddit

The wife in question - 32 - remained anonymous, and told her story on Reddit. When she was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer, she only expected to receive comfort, attention and support from her husband John, with whom she had shared her life for over 12 years. This was not the case, however, and it was precisely from this that her public outburst arose. Her husband's reckless actions have left many people speechless.

Coping with cancer is no easy challenge for anyone. We are fortunate, in these cases, if we can count on the affection of our loved ones. Think then of the pain of this wife when she discovered that her husband, in the most painful days she experienced due to cancer, was cheating on her with another woman and dedicated himself to his own interests, without bothering in the least to care for and assist his wife.

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Surgery and several courses of chemotherapy obviously weakened the woman to a great extent. In all of this, her husband did not lift a finger to give her a hand. His empathy was kept to a minimum, as was any practical assistance. So, the wife decided to move in with her sister. But the worst was yet to come.

When she returned home one day to meet her husband, she was shocked to say the least to find out, through some messages on the phone, that her man had been dating a woman for about 4 months, exactly the length of time since she had been diagnosed with cancer. At that point, she decided to confront her spouse openly, making him up to his responsibilities. The man's response would leave anyone speechless.


"I have my needs," he said to his wife. "You shouldn't have expected me to take care of you." It's hard not to be amazed by such a reaction. Not only did this so-called "husband" leave his partner alone at a time of extreme difficulty, but he also took the opportunity to betray her and allowed himself to do whatever he pleased.

The reactions of readers to the story told by the woman were not long in coming. Almost everyone agreed that the man's attitude was cowardly and inadmissible, and they urged his wife to carry on with her life, certain that she can now see things and people as they really are. "I wasted 12 years of life" commented the betrayed wife, and all that remains is to wish that she finds someone who will be able to give her all the support and sincerity she deserves.


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