She was kidnapped and sold immediately after birth: after 25 years she manages to hug her real parents again -
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She was kidnapped and sold immediately…
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She was kidnapped and sold immediately after birth: after 25 years she manages to hug her real parents again

October 16, 2020 • By Alison Forde

There are some incredible stories that deserve to be taken as an example for all those times when we think that, in life, there is nothing more to be done, and that all hope of happiness is lost. So it was for young Belle Barbu, 25 years old raised in the United States by a family from Wisconsin, who always knew she was adopted by Romania.

However, she had never been certain about her origins and biological family. So, the young woman never gave up in the search for her true origins, just as her loved ones never did, until, 25 years after her birth when the unthinkable happened: there was a happy turning point that was moving to say the least.

Thanks to research, DNA tests and a Facebook group that works to reunite adopted Romanian children with their families, Belle was able to find her family. The girl only knew that they were from Sadova, and not much else. With this infomration the organization did the necessary research and was successful. Belle's father and mother were tracked down within a few days: they were in Italy.

The 25-year-old, having received the news, didn't waste any more time and immediately flew to European from the United States, happy and anxious about the forthcoming family reunion. Then, once in Italy, father, mother and daughter were finally able to embrace for the first time. The story that has come out about Belle's past is truly incredible.


The last time her biological parents saw their daughter was in a hospital in Romania, the day she was born. The little girl was kidnapped from the hospital, the victim of a shady baby trafficking. Belle was born premature, so the doctors, once she was taken from her parents, lied to her loved ones, saying that the child had died of an alleged heart problem and because she was too weak and premature. The truth, however, was quite different and nothing short of horrible: the child had been sold to be given up for adoption in the United States, and her natural family were horribly deceived.

Despite the limited means of Belle's parents - farmers who have always lived in humble conditions - the couple never gave up after learning about child trafficking. They searched for their little one everywhere, also thanks to the help of the Operation Underground Railroad organization. It turned out that Belle's birth certificate - as well as that of many other young victims of these crimes - had been forged. The baby, after being taken to an orphanage, was adopted earning thousands of dollars for the traffickers.

The Operation Underground Railroad organization partly financed Belle's trip to Italy, making possible the reunion between her and her real family. With this beautiful happy ending, her story has also served as an inspiration to many other families who are victims of similar crimes. All that remains is to hope that more and more families, unjustly and cruelly separated, will finally be able to hug each other as they deserve.


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