The heartwarming image of a woman with dementia in her husband's arms: she remembers nothing but feels safe -
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The heartwarming image of a woman with…
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The heartwarming image of a woman with dementia in her husband's arms: she remembers nothing but feels safe

October 22, 2020 • By Alison Forde

Being lucky enough to share your life with a special person, who we know will stay with us forever no matter what happens, does not happen for everyone. There are those who, after years of marriage and a family behind them, know they can count 100% on their partner to face any difficulty. Phyllis and Stan have been married for over 30 years and after building a beautiful family, they continue to be there for each other, even in their darkest moments. The biggest challenge came when 52-year-old Phyllis was diagnosed with a form of pre-senile dementia. The woman has gradually begun to forget everything and now her husband Stan looks after her around the clock as best he can. Phyllis often doesn't even remember his name, but she remembers and knows that in Stan's arms she will always be safe.

The photo of Stan hugging his wife Phyllis while they are both sitting in the same armchair went viral. The woman is in the typical position that children assume when they are about to fall asleep in the arms of their mother or father, helpless but certain of receiving the protection of their parents. Since her degenerative illness gives her no respite, Phyllis must perhaps feel a little like that, like a small child who doesn't know and doesn't remember many things about the world, but knows perfectly well that Stan is there for her.

The photo was posted by Stan and Phyllis' daughter on Twitter, and aroused the love and support of hundreds of readers. After telling him the photo had gone viral, Stan simply replied, "I don't know what Twitter is, but I know I love my wife."

Unfortunately, in 2012 Phyllis started having trouble performing some simple tasks and gradually began to lose her memory. This was a major blow to a 52-year-old who had built her own little kingdom during the previous 34 years of marriage. And it's a blow, perhaps even harder, for those around her: her husband Stan, and her children ...


The family had opened a fundraising page on GoFund me, to cover Phyllis' medical bills. Unfortunately, tragically after 5 years Phyllis passed away.

On the one hand, perhaps it was a relief for everyone, even for Phyllis, who was no longer able to dress herself or communicate her needs clearly. She no longer even remembered her children's names. On the other hand, losing a wife, a life partner, and a mother is an unimaginable pain. Unfortunately, there is no definitive cure for pre-senile dementia or Alzheimer's, diseases which leave no escape for those affected.

Despite all efforts, what will remain etched in everyone's mind, is Phyllis' smile.

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