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17 photos of unusual friendships between…
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17 photos of unusual friendships between animals tolight up even our darkest days

October 17, 2020 • By Alison Forde

Although we sometimes believe we are the most "evolved" creatures on the face of the Earth, the reality is that we have a lot to learn from animals. It is our four-legged friends who can often give us, among other things, lessons in inclusion, tolerance and affection that we rarely find in humans.

This is demonstrated by all the unusual friendships that often arise between animals belonging to the most diverse species which can be considered unlikely. For them, physical or character differences simply do not count: if friendship is found, the important thing is to support and love each other, without dwelling on what makes them "different". The photos we have collected below testify to this: special bonds between different species in images that have the power to warm our hearts in a unique way!

1. Two dachshunds and ... a lion: nobody has so much fun and loves each other like they do!

2. Among friends the important thing is to give each other a hand!


3. Amazing and very sweet, don't you think?

4. Very tall and very small in comparison but they have a splendid and lasting bond!

5. They are best friends, and no one can ever separate them!


6. It's hard to find something more adorable!

7. This pelican has made friends with a stray dog who roams the harbor area and they meet up every day


8. "Babies" cuddled up together: cuteness guaranteed!

8. A cat, a crow and a dog: they feed each other and have great fun together, watching them is a pleasure!


10. Who said cats and pigs are incompatible?

11. Dog and cat? Friends for life!

12. A wonderful friendship between little ones that continues even now that they are grown up!

13. Being friends with someone means knowing how to comfort them especially in the most difficult moments.

14. Together forever, and ready to experience a thousand wonderful adventures!

15. Different? We are friends, that's the important thing!

16. Sheer tenderness!

17. A little mutual comfort is what it takes!

 Aren't they wonderful?


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