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12 photos that show just how adorably…
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12 photos that show just how adorably funny are canine friends really are

August 26, 2020 • By Cylia Queen

What would life be like without a dog or two at your side? They aren't called "man's best friend" for no reason, and their presence only makes our life that much more worth living. Dogs are affection, loving, and loyal and would do anything to help their owner if he or she were in danger. Although dogs are serious creatures, they also have a goofy side. Apart from making us feel loved, they make us laugh and smile even on our most difficult days. It's true that they can sometimes try our patience - especially when they are younger and leave all kind of messes in the house - but we can't imagine going through life without them. 

The following photo gallery show 12 dogs doing what they do best: make us laugh. If you're having a bad day, we hope these dogs will cheer you up! 

If happiness had an image to represent it, this is what it would look like:

"I'm just gonna lie down here and watch you while you drive... it will be like I'm not even here."


"Who knows what she did, but she definitely feels bad for something..."

image: Reddit / EagleEye503

"Miss priss didn't want to get out of bed today..."

"Eh, it's too hot to play around outside today"


Yep, that soccer ball is just the right size!

"This is what a dog looks like with no teeth... he's got nothing to keep his tongue from falling out of his mouth!"


"Haha, I finally caught it!

When did inception become a dog movie?


Too much cuteness going on in this photo right now!

"Dad's got a new hate... looks nice."

Monkey see, monkey do!


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