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20 times when our dads shamed us with…
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20 times when our dads shamed us with their tasteless outfits

By Alison Forde

Unless you are lucky, your father and the concept of fashion are two worlds that will always be very distant from each other. There is no getting away from it, but dads and being well dressed, and not only in obvious occasions of formal elegance, will never equate. This is why there is an Instagram channel entirely dedicated to the most absurd outfits our old daddies can sport. For heaven's sake, when they get dressed like this ... they're happy!

The yellow and black combination: we can't really agree!

Oh my what trendy bermudas!


Maybe that t-shirt doesn't exactly suit his age: but who are we to judge?

A lover of ... floral outfits!

Blue socks and an orange jacket: why?


That yellow almost blinded us!

Are they boots or slippers? In any case ... they are horrible!


Definitely not!

Why would you dress like this, just why?


Ok, he certainly loves his dog in a special way ... but that's too much!

 Here are other hilarious examples of decidedly unfashionable dads:

The inevitable Christmas sweater!

Apparently he loves America so much ...

Virtually unwatchable!

Now, house cleaning will be a blast!

Nice pajama and sneaker combo!

Nice track suit!

Better than Elvis!

But what the heck is he wearing?

Look at the footwear .... we are shocked!

How macho!

 You can continue to admire these fashion "geniuses" on the Instagram FashionDads page.

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