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A woman thanks the man who saved her…
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A woman thanks the man who saved her from a molester on the subway after reading her body signals

October 12, 2020 • By Alison Forde

Even if sometimes we think that the world is teeming with negativity and people who are all too ready to behave badly by bullying others, fortunately there is no lack of positive stories and examples to restore our faith in humanity.

We are talking about all those occasions on which those around us, in a selfless and generous way, manage to give us a hand to get out of difficult situations. Just like this New York woman experienced while on the subway. A bad experience of harassment by a stranger, which luckily for her ended well, thanks to the promptness and lucidity of another stranger who was not far away and who witnessed the scene.

via: Reddit

Sometimes heroes and "guardian angels" are close to us even though it seems we are alone in complicated situations. For the woman who anonymously shared her experience on Reddit it happened just like that. She was on the subway on an ordinary day when a man began to annoy her, following her into the carriage, addressing her in a provocative way and getting too close. A situation that unfortunately is not uncommon on public transport, and which threw the unfortunate woman into despair and anxiety.

Fortunately, however, not far from her there was a man who, from her body language and observing the situation, immediately understood that there was something wrong and which was making her uncomfortable. So, acting with speed and clarity, he turned to her saying "hey Lauren, are you going to Jeff's dinner too?", Obviously inventing her name and that of the alleged friend to bail her out. The woman, after a moment of amazement, understood what he was doing, and replied yes, pretending to know the man.


image: Pixabay

"Let's go, we can travel together" the young man told her and, showing her his phone, he asked her in the notes if she was okay. The woman, therefore, replied that the shady guy was following her and the kind stranger thought it was a good idea to go with her to shake off the molester and accompany her home safely. The woman, surprised by this gesture of extreme generosity, decided to publicly thank the stranger, telling the world about her episode.


“I'm so glad there are men like him out there - she wrote - In New York most people mind their own business, so thank you very much, wherever you are. I'm sorry to have delayed you, but at that moment you were my guardian angel." We can only agree: in the midst of so much negativity, sometimes it's really good to read stories like this, don't you think? 


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