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A woman gives birth to her first child…
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A woman gives birth to her first child at the age of 72: husband and wife fulfill their dream of becoming parents

October 14, 2020 • By Alison Forde

For some couples, age doesn't matter that much when it comes to having children. Although at one time it was not recommended for a woman to give birth over 40, today, albeit with a certain amount of risk, there are cases of natural birth that also see older women becoming mothers. In India, a couple who had been married for 50 years couldn't find peace due to not having been able to have children, so they kept trying until one day they decided to try in-vitro fertilization. Ms. Daljinder, 72, gave birth to a beautiful child, realizing her and her husband's dream of having a child.

In Hisar, India, the couple turned to the "National Fertility and Test Tube Baby Center" to make their dream of having a baby come true. Initially, the clinic's medical staff were quite skeptical about the advanced age of both parents, especially of the woman would need to go through the pregnancy. Daljinder, however, was very insistent and didn't want to hear "no" for an answer. The couple paid the equivalent of approximately $12,000 to become parents. 

Money that, according to Daljinder, is absolutely not a problem and means nothing to her. If the price to pay for her happiness is $12,0000, then so be it. Indeed, the couple are extremely happy and don't regret their choice. Daljinder honestly thought it would have been easier and less tiring than it was, but she was still delighted with her experience.


 The couple brought little Arman into the world, who at just a few days old has already become a little celebrity. His birth has in fact attracted media attention from all over the world, who naturally wanted to dedicate coverage to this incredible story.

image: Pexels

In addition to good wishes, there was no lack of controversy: how right is it to satisfy your personal desire to have children at all costs? At a very old age, as in the case of this couple, this could mean that the child would be orphaned at a relatively young age.

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