An orphaned girl receives her first doll: the video of her reaction is nothing short of touching -
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An orphaned girl receives her first…
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An orphaned girl receives her first doll: the video of her reaction is nothing short of touching

By Alison Forde

A child's smile is soemthing that could probably "save the world". Even the hardest of hearts would have to change their minds in the face of the genuine reaction of those who, in their innocence, still find the strength to laugh. In a video by Turkish activist Bilal Erkus, we see Cemile, a Nigerian child, orphaned by the loss of her father and mother, who can't hold back her emotion and laughter when the man gives her her first doll. A surprise that for a child born and raised in the West, where there is always a new toy at hand, is not as exciting as it appears to Cemile. This Nigerian girl, on the other hand, unwittingly gives us an unprecedented lesson in humility.

Cemile knows well that money doesn't bring happiness,  but, nevertheless, she still manages to be very happy when Bilal gives her his gift. To increase the "suspense", Bilal tells the little girl to close her eyes; when Cemile opens them and finds herself faced with a beautiful doll she has never had, she starts to laugh out loud and hug the rag doll. She hugs Bilal too, as she continues to laugh as hard as she can, delighted to have received that gift.

Here is the beautiful video with little Cemile's moving reaction:

A reaction that cannot help but make us smile and, at the same time, grieve for the unjust conditions of life that so many children are forced to endure without having any choice.

However, Cemile's smile is a beacon of hope for everyone in this increasingly gray and soulless world.


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