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17 people proudly display their transformations…
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17 people proudly display their transformations and are barely recognizable

October 11, 2020 • By Alison Forde

Who has never, especially during their adolescence, felt "different" in some way, not being able to accept their own appearance and wanting to be like the people considered more "beautiful" and fashionable? It's probably a phase which we have all been through to some extent, but don't worry: it is completely normal, given that adolescence - and youth in general - is a period of profound transformation, in which our body is still far from reaching its final outer appearance.

If we really want to change our look, then there are many things we can do. After all, a little effort and a few improvements in the right places (hair, clothing, maybe teeth or growning beard) are enough and our appearance can change overnight. If you don't believe us, take a look at the photos we have collected below. They feature boys, girls, men and women who felt totally inadequate but who, within a few years, understood what their strengths were and proudly showed everyone their incredible transformations!

1. Yes, that's him, after losing 50 kg in 18 months!

2. 4 years later, I finally started liking and taking care of myself a little more, and these are the results!

image: Khodg/reddit

3. From 14 to 21: a big difference, no doubt about it!

4. I never liked how I looked, but now everything has changed, aged 11 on the left and 23 on the right

5. Me at 18 and me at 29: happy not to be an "ugly duckling" anymore!


6. At school I was bullied for my appearance: what they would say now?

image: Imgur

7. Between 13 and 19 years, many things have changed!


8. 17 years vs. 20 years: a little more care and a different hairstyle changed everything!

9. He doesn't look the same person anymore: 18 vs. 20


10. First day of high school on the left; first day of college right: a beard and a little grooming can make a big difference!

image: reddit

11. From 11 to 21, I look like different girl, but in reality it's still me!

12. Between 11 to 25 years I learned a lot about myself, and I finally managed to like myself!

13. From 12 to 24 years: not even my family recognize me now!

14. Me at 17 and me at 22: the right haircut and a little make-up make all the difference!

15. Fortunately, I no longer recognize myself!

16. I didn't like myself at 14, then I figured out how to make the best of what I had and now, at 24, I'm truly at peace with myself

17. Well yes, it was really me, 8 years ago!

image: reddit

Aren't their transformations amazing?


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