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16 animals that have made themselves…
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16 animals that have made themselves comfortable in the strangest and most hilarious spots

October 05, 2020 • By Alison Forde

Our four-legged friends, at times, are true masters of weirdness. We know well that we often happen to find them in the strangest situations, behaviors or positions, so much so that when it happens we don't know whether to believe our eyes or not and we even ask ourselves if they have some sort of problem.

In reality, it is totally normal for them: they are simply cute pranksters, or they just want to get comfortable to take a nap, warm up or rest up a little close to us. Their ability to adapt and find peaceful corners is, after all, incredible. The images we have collected below demonstrate this. Don't miss out on these cute and funny animals in the strangest poses!

1. He is comfortable like this: who knows if sooner or later he will be able to get out of there ...

2. Just like us humans, they too need warmth and comfort in cold weather ...


3. I looked up to find him asleep like this!

4. What could be better than a cosy couple's evening in front of the fireplace?

5. They can't be separated, but the cat made himself comfortable ...


6. Who wouldn't want to lie in a hammock doing nothing? This donkey knows how to relax to the max!

7. Hey human, this is our place. No sink for you today!

image: reddit

8. What's that you're reading?

9. Have you ever seen such a big, cuddly mouse mat?

image: Pikabu

10. Now that I'm here you can carry me around if you like

image: Imgur

11. What are you writing, human?

12. He's so comfy like this, with his blanket and his favorite soft toy!

13. Until a few minutes ago he was all active and perky: now he has decided to sleep and has snuggled down this position.

image: reddit

14. When he's sleepy, it doesn't matter where he is: he just sleeps!

15. A carefully balanced nap!

image: Vk.com

16. Of course it's weird ... but he's just taking a nap!

image: Pikabu

 Aren't they adorable and funny at the same time? Do you have pets that like to get comfortable in the strangest places and positions?


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