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A man is attacked by a shark while swimming:…
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A man is attacked by a shark while swimming: his pregnant wife dives in and saves him

By Alison Forde

There are people who, due to a series of particularly unfortunate circumstances, have truly disturbing experiences, which they will surely remember for the rest of their lives.

Think about a quiet boat trip with the family, to the beautiful Florida Keys to do some snorkeling. A scenario that many poeple would be envious of but which, for the man we are about to tell you about, almost cost his life, were it not for the courage and determination of his wife, who is also pregnant.

Andrew, 30, jumped off his boat into the sea on a Sunday morning when he suddenly realized he wasn't alone in the water. A large shark bumped into his shoulder, with the clear intent of attacking the unfortunate bather.

Luckily his wife Margot was at the scene, pregnant and therefore obviously limited in her movements and more vulnerable. Despite her condition. However, the woman did not think twice and immediately dived into the sea to help her husband at the mercy of the ferocious predator.

After seeing the water turn red from a bite that the animal had taken from Andrew, Margot, at full speed, swam towards him and dragged him to the boat, carrying him to safety. Around them, other occupants of a boat saw what had happened and alerted the rescue services, who were waiting for the couple on shore, to  immediately transport the man to hospital by helicopter.


Thankfully, the man appears to be out of danger, although the family have asked for privacy about his condition and what happened. Before Andrew dived, there was no trace of the shark, so much so that the other people on board with him had already been bathing without any problem. A bad experience that luckily ended well and which shows, once again, the unpredictability of nature and how courageous some people can be.


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