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A woman discovers she is pregnant with…
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A woman discovers she is pregnant with quadruplets a few weeks after adopting 4 children

By Alison Forde

Life is always able to keep surprises for us, for better or for worse. We have known this since we arrived at the age of reason, and in many cases we continue to understand it better day after day, even when we are old and grown. It is difficult to say precisely why, but certainly sometimes things happen faced with which we can only be gobsmacked by coincidences and events that are incredible.

The couple we are about to tell you of know something about this. In less than a year their family has expanded to 11 members. That's right: Maxine and Jake Young always knew they wanted to be parents, but they never imagined they would become parents to this extent!

After first having a biological child, the two decided to adopt 4 siblings. So, after several legal ups and downs, they managed to become parents to the 4, and they were finally able to enjoy the large family they had always dreamed of having. None of them, however, could have predicted what happened next.

A few weeks after the official adoption of the 4 children, Maxine found out she was pregnant. It was not, however, a single baby, but 4 babies coming along! That's right, the woman was expecting a quadruple birth, a rather rare event but which can still happen. Needless to say, Maxine was stunned, at least as stunned as Jake and the doctors who took care of her, when she learned how many babies she was carrying.

There was no shortage of worries, given that such a birth can generate complications, but luckily the two relied on the right specialists, so that "super-mom" Maxine could receive all the attention she needed. Fortunately, however, everything went well, and the Young family went from 7 to 11 members. Silas Ledger, Theo Alexander, Beck Killian and Cecilia Hudson came into the world without any particular problems, and for this woman it has been "a wonderful blessing".


It has to be said that it won't be easy for the couple to take care of such a family. Both the quads and the other 5 children they already had will need a lot of attention, as well as cash outlay, and the family has only one income. For this reason, a fundraising page has been set up on GoFundMe, to support the couple in the costs related to maintaining their family. No doubt about it Maxine and Jake will certainly never be bored with their huge family!


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