The mother-in-law dresses in a white dress and dances close to her son stealing the show from the bride during the wedding -
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The mother-in-law dresses in a white…
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The mother-in-law dresses in a white dress and dances close to her son stealing the show from the bride during the wedding

By Alison Forde

The wedding is - or at least it should be - a day to remember for a lifetime, a splendid moment in which the love of a couple for each other triumphs and they habe decided to form a family together. Fortunately for many people this is the case, but we know that weddings can often generate quite a few family conflicts, especially when their respective families do not get along, or when a relative interferes too much between husband and wife.

The episode we are about to tell you of illustrates one of these situations, and it is undoubtedly incredible. In the midst of the festivities, the groom's mother practically stole the show from the bride, not only by dressing in white, but also performing a rather intimate dance with her beloved "baby".

via: Daily Mail

Stealing the show from a bride on her wedding day, a time when all the guests' attention should be on her, is certainly not a good thing to do. This woman, however, as an uncle of the bride told on Reddit, decided that she just couldn't help but demonstate her "possession" of her son, leaving his wife and all the other guests stunned.

The photos shared along with the post clearly show the scene we have described. The bride was literally "excluded" for several, interminable minutes. Such behavior provoked many reactions from Reddit readers, most of them amazed and indignant at what had happened.

We do not know how it went down with the parties involved, or what was the reason for the behavior of the intrusive mother-in-law. Certainly, observing this scene one thinks that it will not be easy for the bride to spend a life with this person in the family. All that remains is to wish her good luck, and wish that her mother-in-law will not interfere too much in her son's marital relationship!

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