An old man dies of a broken heart shortly after his faithful dog passed away due to illness -
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An old man dies of a broken heart shortly…
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An old man dies of a broken heart shortly after his faithful dog passed away due to illness

September 13, 2020 • By Alison Forde

The bond that can be created between a human being and his pet can be so strong that the death of one of them can have truly tragic consequences for the other. When four-legged friend and owner are inseparable, sudden loss can be fatal; as perhaps it was for the elderly Ken, a man who lived in the town of Hemet, in California, always in the company of his loyal Zack, a 16-year-old dog.

Ken had lived with his beloved dog in a trailer park for years, living from day to day and with very little money to be able to afford food and medicines. One day his neighbor from the trailer park knocked on Ken's door, but the latter did not answer. Eventually, neighbor Burt opened the door and immediately saw a moving scene: Ken was crying, knowing his dog needed help, but he had no money to pay the vet, and so the old man was hugging poor Zack in tears.

Burt didn't think twice, and decided to post the photo of this extremely moving moment on the internet, to find someone who could help both of them. At this request for help, the At-Choo Foundation intervened, but they could do nothing for poor Zack: he was too old and too sick to respond well to treatment, and in the end he passed away.

Shortly thereafter, Ken passed away from a heart attack, and many believe it was either the pain caused by the loss of the beloved dog, or a tragic twist of fate. Nobody will ever know for sure, the fact is that the departure from this world of these two practically inseparable friends really moved everyone.

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