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A homeless man offers his last money…
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A homeless man offers his last money to a girl in need: she raises 42,000 pounds to give him a home

October 12, 2020 • By Alison Forde

The social problem of homelessness is more serious and profound than we think; many of those who find themselves living without a fixed home, on the street and without a sound roof are not there by choice, but for reasons all too often beyond their control. Dominique Harrison-Bentzen, whose life was saved by a homeless man with a huge heart when he gave her his last 3 pounds to get a taxi that would take her home, knows this very well.

via: BBC

It all happened in Preston, when Domnique, 22, got stuck on the streets and couldn't get home as she had lost her credit card after a night out. A homeless man named Robbie was nearby however, he tried to give her his last £3 to get her into a taxi that would take her home safely. Dominique said: "I suddenly realized I had no money and a homeless man approached me with his only change of £3. He insisted that I take it to pay for a taxi to make sure I get home safe and sound."

Dominique did not accept the money out of kindness, but she was determined to find the man who had tried to help her the next day, so that she could attempt to raise the money necessary to ensure a safe house for Robbie.

And so, Dominique did a very brave thing: "It took me four nights around Preston to find him and I was beginning to lose hope of seeing him again, to personally thank him for his kindness." The girl decided to spend day and night like a homeless person to understand what these people in distress felt and experienced every day and to try raise money and collect at least 500 pounds for Robbie.

In the end, Dominique, together with the collaboration of the Foxton Center in Preston's Knowsley Street, managed to raise a charitable sum of £42,000. Obviously, the homeless Robbie accepted the sum as long as part of it went to charity for other homeless people like him.

A beautiful story of empathy that Dominque will remember for a lifetime: "If people see what I'm doing, maybe they will take the time to stop and talk to a homeless person, and hear their story."


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