She abandoned her 88 year old mother outside: the woman is reported for mistreatment -
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She abandoned her 88 year old mother…
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She abandoned her 88 year old mother outside: the woman is reported for mistreatment

By Alison Forde

No human being should be deprived of their own well-being and freedom in any way. Yet the world is full of injustices. The elderly are just some of the "favorite" targets of certain heartless characters, who have no qualms about raising their voices towards them. In the city of Linares, in Chile, an 88-year-old woman was the victim of this sad reality: her daughter literally threw her out of the house, leaving her on the street, alone, with a pillow and a trolley bag. Fortunately, the neighbors reported the incident in time and the mayor was able to intervene promptly to give concrete help to the elderly woman.

The elderly victim of this violence is called Adriana Lobos, she is 88 years old, and at the beginning of September 2020 she was abandoned outside her home by her daughter, in an unforgivable act that was promptly denounced by the neighbors who witnessed the scene. As if that weren't enough, Adriana was kicked out of her home at the very beginning of "a new neighborhood lockdown" due to the Covid-19 epidemic. The story was reported by the mayor himself via his Facebook page, after the local authorities intervened to improve Mrs. Lobos' situation.

Adriana's daughter and the others who have committed violence against her have been reported. Another daughter of Adriana's, who lives in Santiago, has been contacted so that she can take care of her mother.

Unfortunately, this is a story that reflects the unfortunate reality of many elderly people around the world.

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