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The 10 most common reasons that lead…
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The 10 most common reasons that lead couples to divorce

September 12, 2020 • By Alison Forde

When we are at the beginning of a love story, we imagine, and often strongly believe, that it will last forever. While there are good chances and plenty of examples of true love that lead us to hope for the future of our relationship, it's also just as common (sadly!) that some relationships are destined to die out over time. Further, with marriage the dynamics within a relationship often seem to become suddenly more complicated, with a consequent and inevitable emotional deterioration. Obviously there are many happy and lasting marriages over time, but the causes of a break up are often just around the corner. Here are 10 common ones that can be a wake-up call:

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1) The death of feelings: when there is no more love it is impossible to make things go well. It is useless to believe that you can carry on a marriage for convenience or to "keep up appearances" - without feelings the life of both parties will continue to be miserable.

2) Lack of communication: at the base of a great relationship there is always good communication. Shutting oneself up in silence or trying not to involve your partner in your problems, whether for good or bad, is totally counterproductive. If you believe that openness and communication are lacking in your relationship, try to address the issue as soon as possible.

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3) Money: money is a source of dispute between friends, relatives and even between couples. When you get married or move in together, you start sharing household expenses as well as personal expenses. Balance and common sense are the key to making it all work.

4) Lack of intimacy: being able to enter into intimacy with your partner is essential from the outset; if this fails over time, you should try to talk about it openly in order to rediscover the passion of the past.

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5) Infidelity: when one of the two partners is unfaithful, the couple inevitably explodes. The tension is too much and the stakes are too high to continue a relationship in this case (although there are rare cases where things manage to mend themselves with commitment from both sides).

6) Social networks: yes, as absurd as it may seem, social networks are one of the many reasons why couples decide to break up. When there are too many "likes" or a "follower" who is a little too insistent, the problem of jealousy begins.

7) Excessive criticism: constructive criticism is always welcome within a relationship, as long as it is aimed at an effective improvement of the relationship. Do not criticize your partner for every little thing on the other hand; if you are in love with him / her, there will be a reason, right? Nobody's perfect!

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8) Midlife crisis: the famous "midlife crisis" can arrive at 50, a time when theoretically you have a stable job, the children have grown up ... and monotony begins to creep into a marriage! One piece of advice to avoid being a victim of routine is definitely to dedicate yourself to personal projects, and also try to find the spark in your relationship as well.

9) Addiction: Any kind of addiction can sink a relationship in a short time. Gambling, alcohol, drugs or anything else that can be addictive ends up seriously damaging the relationship.

10) Abuse: There is no compromise on this subject - there is no marriage that can go on without respect between partners. No type of domestic violence can be tolerated within a relationship. If you realize that your story has taken a bad turn, get away from this "toxic" situation as soon as possible.


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