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A child takes his little dog in to a…
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A child takes his little dog in to a shelter and leaves him there: "my father beats him"

September 01, 2020 • By Alison Forde

Unfortunately, not all children are destined to spend a peaceful childhood in a loving family, free from negative experiences, frustrations and traumas that can sometimes mark them deeply for the years to come. Some of them, however, manage to react in a very resilient way to the difficulties they encounter, demonstrating a maturity that no one would believe they could have.

Just like the little boy in this moving story we are about to tell you. A child who had to deprive himself of the company of his beloved dog because of a violent father, who had frequently taken his anger out on the poor animal.

We know well that children and dogs can develop very strong and unique bonds due to the symbiosis that child and animal are able to develop with each other. Sadly, in the case of the child in question and his dog Simon, the child's family situation did not allow him to keep his beloved animal with him. From what we have learned, the father, angry and frustrated at having to find the money to feed the dog, repeatedly vented his temper on the poor defenseless and innocent animal, beating him.

A really unpleasant situation, considering also how much the child loved his puppy. With clarity, however, the little one was able to reason better than his father and understood that it would be better to lose his dog rather than let him suffer at home. So, she took Simon and took him to the "Pergatuzoo" shelter, in Mexico, leaving a note with the dog. that was nothing short of moving.

"I'm leaving you Simon, my dog, I don't want my father to beat him - wrote the child - He cries a lot because there is no food, here are my savings for his tortillas. Do not beat him because my father beats him so much". There is not much to add after reading these words: the child had the safety of his four-legged friend so much at heart that, in order not to see him suffer, he left him at the shelter, with the message and a few coins.


"Don't give him away, when I'm grown up I'll come and get him," he added, hoping with all his heart to see Simon again. The child, after taking the little dog to the shelter, never stopped thinking about him, continuing to write him letters and to worry about his health. This little boy had understood very well the importance of protecting and taking care of loved ones and, although little is known about him, we can truly say that he has given the world an exemplary lesson in loving one's pet.

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