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12 everyday problems that only people…
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12 everyday problems that only people with long hair will understand

By Alison Forde

Having long hair can be a beautiful thing. Whether it's blond or brown, black or red, our hair and our hairstyle always say something about the person who wears it every day. A common feature of long hair, however, is that it often causes some problems: it is not a godsend in all everyday situations, quite the contrary. This fun list demonstrates some really tricky moments that only people with long hair will fully understand.

A selfie on a windy day will never be easy!

This hair really gets caught in everything, heck!


When you have to close or open your zip ... it's a pain when your hair gets caught!

Rain Problems.....Hair stuck in the zipper

Pubblicato da ORHS Track and Field Team su Mercoledì 27 aprile 2016

Photos from behind ... are not exactly the best!

It's a pain when your hair gets caught in your headphones ... ouch!


The ponytail is a must!

When you have to wait for your hair to dry ...


When you get out of bed and your long hair is a complete disaster!

Luckily I only have to wash it once a week!


When you do physical exercise a ponytail just won't do ... you have to make a bun!

A little too much hair in your face by any chance?

In the end, the best thing to do is to give it the chop!

Isn't it worth giving that hair a trim next time?

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