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A child plays with his bike every evening…
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A child plays with his bike every evening in the neighbor's driveway: the owner makes a course for him

August 29, 2020 • By Alison Forde

In a world where we are often surrounded by negativity and less than neighborly behavior, fortunately, from time to time there arrive episodes that make us smile and regain some faith in humanity.

We know that relations with the neighbors are not always easy to manage: we can find ourselves in difficult situations and the behavior of the people who live around us is not always civil and easy to live with. This man knows something about it. Every evening, in his the driveway, there was a child who promptly decided to ride with his bike right there. Something that for some people could be considered a nuisance, but which this young man decided to turn into an opportunity to entertain his little neighbor to an even greater degree, showing generosity and tolerance.

Perhaps not everyone would like to see an unknown visitor arrive on the concrete driveway in front of the house every evening for a bike ride. Although, in this specific case, it is a child, we are sure that some people would not have been too happy with such a thing. Some people, but not the owner of this house, who regularly received a motion alert from his security cameras every time the little one in question passed by to play on two wheels.

Instead of being carried away by resentment, irritation or even intolerance, this guy decided to do something memorable for the little cyclist. The child, as shown by the videos shot by the close circuit cameras, always took the same path in the open space in front of the young man's house, so the owner of the house had the idea.


He went out onto the driveway at night with colored chalk and created a track in the space where the child loved to play, a kind of mini-circuit with lots of curves. When, the next day, the little one passed by for his usual spin, he was amazed for a moment by what he saw on the ground but then, full of enthusiasm, he did not hesitate to try his new course, repeating it several times like a real pro!

From this simple act, the "track" made by the guy in his driveway has become a real attraction in the neighborhood and, whenever the marks on the driveway were washed away by the rain, the owner was there to re-do them, adding details such as "slow down", "look ahead" and "finish line" to the route. No doubt about it: this young man really managed to give a little fun to everyone, young and old. Who wouldn't want a neighbor like that?

 Below is the link to the video in which the generous guy documented the whole episode:



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