An adopted child discovers 22 years later that his mother had worked in the same shop where he also worked -
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An adopted child discovers 22 years…
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An adopted child discovers 22 years later that his mother had worked in the same shop where he also worked

August 28, 2020 • By Alison Forde

When you hear of parents abandoning or having their children adopted, it's easy to point fingers and judge without knowing the facts. A person is not always ready to play the role of father or mother, or is physically capable of taking care of a child. What some might consider a lack of courage and responsibility, is for others is a demonstration of affection, a courageous loving decision.

Christine Tallady gave birth to a child in October 1985. The woman was in desperate financial situation and could not support her child. Hence the painful decision to give it up for adoption. In her view, only in this way would the little one have an opportunity for a better future. It certainly did not make her happy, but she was never repentant or ashamed of her decision. This was shown by the fact that she even left her adoption records open, so that if one day her son wanted to track her, he could do so.

When he was adopted, the little one was named Steve. When he turned 18, the boy started looking for his real mother. The investigation, however, proved unsuccessful, but he never gave up. In 2007, after yet another attempt, the young man realized he had made a mistake in spelling his mother's name.

With the right information this time the answers were not long in coming. Steve learned that Christine lived not far from him. At the time, the young man was working as a courier for Lowe's in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Being one of the largest stores in the area, Steve thought about asking his boss if he had happened to run into Christine Tallady. Incredibly, it turns out that not only did he know her but that Christine had also been employed at Lowe's in Grand Rapids.

The young man wondered how many times he had crossed paths with that woman without knowing who she really was. Now mother and son are finally together. It took 22 years and there were some hiccups on the way, but judging by the coincidences, the two have always been linked by an invisible thread.

You can watch the video of their meeting here.


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