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15 before and after makeovers that made…
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15 before and after makeovers that made these women almost unrecognizable

By Cylia Queen

The Makeup industry has seen a huge increase in sales over the last several years. Makeup tutorials posted on social media networks like Pinterest and Youtube have made applying makeup so easy that everyone is an expert these days. Although makeup is a way for women to feel more comfortable in their own skin, it would be nice to see what some of these women look like without makeup. The real question is, what will they look like without any makeup on? Will they a natural beauty or will they almost look unrecognizable? Scroll through this photo gallery to find out!

Every bride deserves to look fabulous on their wedding day!

With this matte finish, all her blemishes are gone... amazing!


Although she looks amazing in the "after" photo, this girl doesn't need makeup. She's a natural beauty!

It's amazing what a little bit of eyebrow liner and mascara can do!

From natural beauty to fame monster!


With thicker eyebrows and some mascara on those lashes, she looks 10 years younger!

"I'm a Barbie girl in my Barbie world..."


"So, so, so glamorous..."

The difference is astonishing!


Adding a little color to those lips went a long way!

From four eyes to glamour-eyes!

She looks great without makeup, but definitely looks a little more sun-kissed now :)

Goodbye freckles, hello smooth skin!

Her makeup artist is a contouring queen!

Those eyes and pouty lips say it all!


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