Girl scrubs toilet using stepmother's toothbrush: when her father finds out, he makes her brush her teeth with it -
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Girl scrubs toilet using stepmother's…
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Girl scrubs toilet using stepmother's toothbrush: when her father finds out, he makes her brush her teeth with it

August 12, 2020 • By Cylia Queen

We have an expression in the English language that says, "what goes around comes around." If you know much about karma, you know that every action has a reaction. That means if you do something good or bad, eventually that positive or negative energy will catch back up to you. 

The story we are about to tell you deals with this issue. A 12-year-old girl continued playing terrible tricks on her stepmother and, when her father decided it was getting out of hand, she was punished for her actions. Her father, however, may have gotten a little carried away, which has left many social media users question if her actions really deserved such a severe punishment. 

via: Reddit
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When a parent starts seeing another person after they've separated from their spouse, the issues that it might cause between them and their children are amost infinite. For children who wish that their parents would get back together, it's a low blow to take when one of them starts seeing someone new. It's also not out of the ordinary for children to start acting out or misbehaving when a parent remarries, which is why parents should be more understanding in these situations. 

This wasn't the case for one 12-year-old's father. When his 12-year-old daughter decided to play a dirty trick on her stepmother, he took her punishment just a little too far. It all started when the 12-year-old decided to clean the toilet with her stepmother's toothbrush. It's definitely not a nice thing to do, but what the father decided to ignore is "why" she did it. 

Although it's not possible for us to know what was going on in the 12-year-old's head, but clearly she doesn't have a good relationship with her stepmother. At least 15 years younger than her father, her stepmother came into her life right after her parents got a divorce. Seeing her stepmother as the cause of her parent's splitting up, the young girl probably saw dirtying her toothebrush as a way to get her revenge. Unfortnately, her father walked in on her before she ever had the chance to play it out. And, as punishment, he father made her brush her teeth with it.  

After the episode, the daughter went back to her mother's house and told her everything. Not only did her father make her brush her teeth with the tooth brush, he also made her tell her stepmother what she did. She also had to buy her a new toothbrush and do household chores for her in order to make it up to her. The daughter's mother immediately posted about the incident on reddit, where many users agreed that the girl's father punished her too harshly. 

The mother also claimed it was her ex's way of sending her a message, as if she was responsible for putting her daughter up to the act. It's true that her actions were cruel immature, but sometimes "eye for an eye" mentality is not the best way to discipline children. In fact, those types of punishment can even have the reverse effect and only make children's behavior worse. We only hope that, for this father's sake, he'll change his ways. Obviously, she needed to be disciplined, but not in such a severe manner. What do you guys think? Did he exagerate or do the right thing? 


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